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""Facts and figures just don't compare to having this experience...It's a life changing experience and I really enjoyed it""Rachael, Community Worker

DSD Neighbourhood Renewal

When was it?   1st June 2009 - 30 June 2010

Where was it?  It delivered 10 programmes per year at either Level I or II in 'Conflict Transformation to 14 adults drawn from equal numbers from the two communities'.

Adult Level II

  •  Fountain/Bishop Street
  • Ballyclare/Ardoyne
  • Dungannon/Coalisland
  • Coleraine/Fermanagh
  • Parents Group

Adult Level I

  • Omagh/Ballymena
  • Young Fathers
  • Falls/NW Royal British Legion
  • Inner East/North West
  • Sandy Row/Enniskillen

It also delivered 8 programmes to 28 students and 4 Teacher per programme from schools throughout NI.

Youth Level II

  • St.Cecilia's/Oakgrove/Lisneal
  • Lisneal/St.Joseph's
  • Boys Model/Christian Brothers

Youth Level I

  • Ashfield/St.Mary's
  • Coalisland/Newtownabbey
  • St.Joseph's/Lisneal
  • North Coast/Oakgrove

What was it?  The whole theme of the International School for Peace Studies project is 'Reconciliation Through Remembrance' and deals specifically with acknowledgement of past events and the role of our communities in those events that have had such a profound impact on the attitudes and beliefs of our communities and their relationships with each other.

Who was it for? Participants from Neighbourhood Renewal Areas

How did it work?Each programme consisted of 1 day pre-departure in Ireland, either 5 or 6 days in Northern France and Belgium depending on the level of qualification to be delivered.


· To develop a network of organisations whose influence can create an environment in which dialogue between many diverse groups can take place leading to greater understanding and reconciliation.
· To initiate programmes through the international school for peace studies to facilitate the above.
· To provide I.S.P.S. programmes accredited through the NI Open College Network at Levels I, II.
· To provide other training programmes to participants, to tackle diversity, racism and sectarianism, some of which maybe single identity.
· To appoint the appropriate staff to run and manage the project and programme.
· To deliver 10 adult programmes each year on a cross border and cross community participant basis.
· To deliver 10 youth and school links programmes each year on a cross border and cross community participant basis.
· To deliver 1 intensive 3 year diploma course.
· To deliver two international conferences each year. One for young people and one for participants on the annual Island of Ireland Peace Week programme.
· To continue to develop our European programmes with existing and new European partners
· To establish a Messines Youth Network for those graduate or progress through the schools and youth links programmes to continue the work in relation to peace building, anti sectarian and anti racism work.
· To provide a quarterly newsletter to the thousands of participants who have/will progress through and participate in the I.S.P.S. programme.

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