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""Facts and figures just don't compare to having this experience...It's a life changing experience and I really enjoyed it""Rachael, Community Worker

Shared History Project

When was it?

Funding Period: 2nd April 2012 - July 2013

Who was it for?

The Shared History Project was for those from the NE Peace III Cluster Group:

  • Coleraine Council
  • Ballymoney Council
  • Ballymena Council
  • Limavady Council
  • Larne Council
  • Moyle Council

It was for a total of 78 participants.  This included 48 participants from The North East Peace III (Coleraine) Project who had already completed the Messines programme.  The remaining 30 participants were recruited through collobartion between Good Relations Officers, the International School for Peace Studies (I.S.P.S), and past participants. These individuals priviously played an active role in local community organizations.

How Did it work?

The Shared History Project was broken into three stages:

Stage One: The I.S.P.S, in conjunction with the NE Peace III Partnership, and Good Relations Officers identified which of the past participants participated on the project.

Stage Two:  Through consultation with Good Relations Officers and past participants, the I.S.P.S. recruited the final 30 participants for the project.  This group completed an OCN level 1 qualification in "The Messines Experience", which was completed overseas in Belgium.

Stage Three: Both groups were combined in order to deliver a variety of programmes which complimented and built upon the first two stages of the project.  


Stage One: 

  • 48 participants participated in Conflict Resolution and Mediation Training
  • 48 participants completed qualification in Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills
  • Reporting of lessons learnt from the programme

Stage Two:

  • 30 cross community participants attended a pre-departure session exploring the historical context of the First World War, and a 3/5 day visit to Messines in Belgium focusing on rememberance via guided tours, interpretation, group discussion and facilitation.
  • 30 cross community participants completed an OCN level 1 in Conflict Resolution
  • Reporting of lessons learnt from the programme
  • Production of an Action Plan

Stage Three:

  • 78 cross community participants participated in a variety of programmes designed to equip them with a variety of Community Relation Skills
  • 78 cross community participants completed qualifications to equip them with the necessary skills to deliver mutual understanding, respect and the concept of a shared future
  • Reporting of lessons learnt from the programme
  • Production of an Action Plan


Catholic and Protestant participants gained qualification in Conflict Resolution and Mediation skills to promote reconciliation within and between their respective communities

Participants shared their experiences of the conflict with each another

Participants were able to share their perspectives on cultural issues and political ideologies

In the long term mutual understanding and respect for differences between local communities has been improved through participants influencing and working at the local level within their communities

For Information on Phase One please click here

Peace III

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