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""I learned how destructive and horrible war can be...and how much suffering and pain people from both sides of our community endured..If everyone in Ireland could see what I've seen here, our conflict would be over" "Mary, Community Worker

News & Features

Annual 7th June CommorationAugust 23rd, 2016 Since 2009, the International School for Peace Studies (I.S.P.S) has organized a Commemoration Parade on 7th June to mark the joint sacrifices of people throughout our island in the First World War, c… more
Good Relations & Community Support Funded Workshops, Trip & Tea DanceAugust 1st, 2017   PLEASE NOTE THE TEA DANCE WILL NOW BE HELD ON  FRIDAY 2ND FEBRUARY 2018 IN THE WATERSIDE THEATRE The Peace School is also available all year round to facilitate any group/person wishin… more

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