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Magherafelt Youth

SW Cluster Peace III Programme
"Conflict Resolution - Messines Programme"


When is it?  23rd June - 30th September 2010

Where is it? Magherafelt District Council area

What is it?
Delivering a programme that will develop tailored support of peace building that will involve up to 24 youths (aged 14-18) from four estates in the town of Magherafelt. The programme will evolve through a series of pre-planned phases that will involve delivery of workshops to develop community relationships and culminate in an educational visit to the Messines site to learn about the history of conflict in relation to their own areas, specifically World War I.

Who's it for? 24 youths (aged 14-18) from four estates in the town of Magherafelt

How's it work? Participants on the programme are cross community with 24 young people from four areas in Magherafelt. The programme will provide opportunity for engagement between those from culturally diverse backgrounds in order to improve respect and understanding of each other. Facilitated workshops by ISPS staff will allow participants to share their views on the conflict from their own perspective in an open forum, providing an opportunity for discussion between members of the Catholic and Protestant communities that would not otherwise occur.

· Design and deliver at least 3 tailored workshops/activity days for the twenty four youths that will enable them to engage and develop relations on a cross community basis but should also challenge attitudes and address sectarianism.
· Organise a teambuilding trip to an appropriate educational centre in the lead up to the trip to Messines.
· Organise an educational visit to the Messines site in Belgium for the twenty four youths and four community leaders.
· Offer an OCN accredited course at Levels 1 2 & 3 in "Conflict Transformational and the Messines Experience".
· Grand Finale event will take place in a suitable ‘shared' venue in Magherafelt. It will showcase the benefits of the programme on the youth from those communities and the potential opportunities for learning for the wider community.


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