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""I feel that the Messines Experience should be brought into the educational curriculum in the north and south so everyone can experience it""John, Conflict Resolution Student

Project Summary

The International School for Peace Studies (I.S.P.S.) is dedicated to the resolving of differences and conflict transformation through exclusively peaceful means, and rejects all forms of violence or intimidation as a means of creating change.

The International School for Peace Studies has developed a unique and completely original experiential learning programme called "The Messines Experience".

The programme uses the events of The Great War (1914 - 18) to engage participants in learning about their shared history, cultural heritage, peace and reconciliation, and the futility of war. Various levels of accreditation are available, and all qualifications are nationally recognised. 

The Messines Experience represents an opportunity to inform and inspire a new generation of citizens in Europe and beyond by explaining the continuing relevance of this period of history, and exploring how the events of 1914-18 shaped so much of the society in which we live today.

The programme also promotes our belief in the ineffectiveness of engaging in aggressive behaviour as a means of creating change, and the detrimental consequences that arise when we choose conflict over compromise.

In doing so, we believe that differing communities and different participants from all over the world can be brought closer together by way of "Reconciliation Through Remembrance".

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