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""I didn't realise how much history there is involving Ireland and World War 1. This experience has taught me a lot and really opened my eyes, and I hope to take this experience back home and use it to teach others what it's all about""Sean, Community Worker

The Wall Mural Project

Murals in Northern Ireland play a significant role in the explanation of community politics. Northern Ireland is a land of thousands of stories, and the murals developed as part of that magnificent story-telling heritage and culture are designed to tell a community's story without words.

Already community leaders and community activists have begun a process of evaluating and considering existing and proposed new murals, to better represent the changing mood and aspirations of the different communities. This issue is a lively and topical one, relevant to the story of Messines. The International School for Peace Studies will facilitate discussions at local level, which will hopefully see agreements being made by young people from both communities to paint murals that best represent the aspirations of both their communities.
Other future programmes include the painting of gable wall murals in Messines depicting scenes relevant to the 1st World War, especially the Messines story that can then be replicated on walls in both communities in N. Ireland and the Republic. The first of these was the Battlefield scene of the Unionist John Meeke MM of the 36th Ulster Division treating the wounds of the Nationalist Major Willie Redmond MP of the 16th Irish Division on the 7th June 1917. It was unveiled in the Peace School on the 7th June 2007 by members of the Meeke and Redmond families.
Furthermore, it is proposed to organise a project for young people from both traditions within Northern Ireland and from the Republic who will paint Murals on the gable walls in the town of Messines commemorating the battle of Messines Ridge where Nationalists and Unionists fought and died together. The Stad Mesen have invited the promoters to initiate the project after seeing the excellent murals painted by young people from the Island of Ireland inside the Peace School. The young people will also participate in a programme of conflict resolution; mutual understanding and carry out a peace-focused project for their community back home.


Wall Mural

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