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""I learned how destructive and horrible war can be...and how much suffering and pain people from both sides of our community endured..If everyone in Ireland could see what I've seen here, our conflict would be over" "Mary, Community Worker

North East Peace III (Coleraine) Project

When Was it?

Funding Period: 1st June 2009 - 30th June 2011

Who Was it For?

NE Peace III Cluster Group:
• Coleraine Council
• Ballymoney Council
• Ballymena Council
• Limavady Council
• Larne Council
• Moyle Council

This included both Council officials, and individuals from within local community groups.

How Did it Work?

The International School for Peace Studies (I.S.P.S.) delivered a total of ten programmes in "Conflict Transformation and the Messines Experience" for the NE Peace III Partnership during the funding period.

The programme was open to individuals over the age of 18 who were affiliated to a local community based organization. To participate, individuals had to complete an application form and attend an interview.


• Community groups throughout the North East Cluster were identified and engaged through the Messines programme.
• The I.S.P.S. hosted a series of information evenings to both encourage applications, and further engage those who had already applied to participate.
• Each programme involved: a pre-departure session exploring the historical context of the First World War, and a 3/5 day visit to Messines in Belgium focusing on rememberance via guided tours, interpretation, group discussion and facilitation.
• 157 individuals received OCN Level 1/2 accredition for successfully completing the programme.
• Improved mutual understanding and respect of difference amongst all participants and the opportunity to build positice relations.
• Lessons learnt will be captured in order to inform future activities of a similar nature.

Programme Gallerys:

Coleraine 01: Council Officers
Coleraine 02: Joint Council Programme
Coleraine 03: Ballymena
Coleraine 04: Ballymoney
Coleraine 05: Limavady


For information on Phase Two please click here


Peace III

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